Business Opportunities

Cooperation and partnership play important roles in our development strategy. We are actively seeking various forms of global collaboration with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and academic research institutions, to rapidly advance the development of next generation innovative treatments, and to meet the huge unmet clinical needs for cancer patients around the world.

Our proprietary and patented platform technology is strongly protected around the world, and we have signed several R&D cooperation agreements including platform licensing agreements with global biopharmaceutical companies focusing on the anti-tumor treatment area.

We look forward to establishing collaboration with more partners and exploring various forms of partnership models.

  • Out-Licensing
  • Co-Development
  • Joint Venture

Affinity biopharma's platform technologies (including TMEA-SMDC, TMEAbody®, TMEAkine®, TMEA-ICE®, ADC, and TMEA-XDC platforms) enable the transformation of a wide variety of molecules including small molecule drugs, cytokines, antibodies, and fusion proteins, which have a wide range of applications. We have independently developed multiple First-in-class/ Best-in-class drug candidates at different R&D stages, and we are seeking global cooperation and out licensing partnership.


We are actively seeking joint development with global biopharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions based on our platform technology, to build synergies with our partners and achieve a diversified and expanding pipeline. We can transform small molecules, cytokines, antibodies, and fusion proteins provided by the partners and upgrade them into new generation drug molecules which are locally activated in the tumor microenvironment.

Joint Venture

For specific programs, we may choose to establish joint ventures with highly selected partners to jointly develop and commercialize innovative drug candidates in the global market, aiming at accelerating the realization of innovative therapies that bring tremendous value to cancer patients and the whole society.


R&D and Business Development Cooperation: