TMEA Platform
Industry Pain Points

On-target toxicity is a key pain point in anti-tumor drug development.

The systemic exposure of active drug in anti-tumor treatment is the main reason for undesirable high toxicity and low efficacy, which severely limits the application for single agent as well as combination therapy.

Affinity Biopharma's globally original and first-in-class TMEA platform technology:

Our Tumor MicroEnvironment Activated (TMEA) drugs selectively unleash the active drug in the tumor local environment by utilizing high levels of tumor-specific protease and/or tumor metabolic condition. The drug activity is blocked in circulation, and activable in the tumor local environment, where the cleavage of conjugate linker by tumor-specific protease removes the chemical blocking group which limits the drug activity, and as a result, dramatically reduces toxicity in healthy tissues and improves the therapeutic index. Our pipeline consists of innovative drugs with exclusive worldwide license and global commercialization rights.

Affinity Biopharma's TMEA platform:

With exclusive Activatable Chemical Conjugate Linker and Functional Moiety, we transform traditional drugs into new molecules which localize treatment in the tumor microenvironment. It belongs to innovative drugs with global rights.

  • Toxicity dramatically reduced

    Avoid toxicity in target organs and healthy tissues

  • Enhanced efficacy
    Create or expand the therapeutic window, and extend half-life in drugs
  • Restore drug activity to the greatest extent
    High activation efficiency after tumor site cleavage to avoid drug loss
  • Pan-solid tumor targets

    Widely applicable and highly versatile

  • Chemical conjugation

    Chemical blocking group without immunogenicity or even reduced immunogenicity

  • Open a new window for combination therapy
    Enable combination treatments of multiple innovative drugs

Widely Applicable Platform

Affinity Biopharma's widely applicable TMEA platform could be applied to Small Molecule Drug Conjugate (including chemotherapy, target therapy and immune agonists), as well as to conjugate biologics such as cytokines, antibodies, immune cell engagers, and fusion proteins to create new generation drugs with broad market prospects and R&D potential.

  • TMEA Small Molecule Drug Conjugates
  • TMEA Cytokine
  • TMEA Antibody
  • TMEA Antibody Drug Conjugates
  • TMEA Fusion Cytokine
  • TMEA Immune Cell Engager
Versatile Platform
Affinity Biopharma's diversified platform technology has the following advantages:
Small Molecule Platform (TMEA-SMDC)
  • Could transform and upgrade various small molecule drugs or candidate compounds

  • The original drug structure could be fully restored when activated in the tumor microenvironment

  • Endow new properties and functions to the original drug in terms of drug delivery, metabolism, PK/PD and so on

  • Huge structural change to gain new intellectual property
Biologics Platform (TMEAbody®, TMEAkine®, TMEA-ICE®, ADC and TMEA-XDC)
  • Could transform and upgrade various biologics or candidate compounds

  • Use chemical conjugation approach which differs from the fusion protein (peptide) approach, and can be used to modify cytokines and other biologics

  • Chemical linker with high activation efficiency and high stability in blood

  • Chemical blocking group could be released easily after cleavage, and the drug activity could be fully restored

  • Chemical blocking group without immunogenicity or even reduced immunogenicity as it masks the target-binding regions

  • Huge structural change to gain new intellectual property

Protease Substrate Library Design (Substrate Library)
  • Screen and design corresponding substrates for different tumor protease targets 

DNA Encoded Library(McDelTM)
Macro-Molecular Chemical Drug Platform