Affinity QHL-236 Legutaxel Clinical Trial Granted Approval in Australia
Date:2022/8/9 11:19:32
Source:Affinity Biopharma

Affinity Biopharma has obtained Australian approval for the QHL-236 Legutaxel Phase I clinical trial on solid tumor patients. QHL-236 (Legutaxel) is Affinity’s novel precision-guided paclitaxel-based drug. This approval laid the foundation for our global clinical development moving forward, and offered some flexibility of our clinical development options.


QHL-236 (Legutaxel) is a new type of precision-guided Taxanes. Its activity in normal tissues is blocked and will only be accumulated and released in the tumor local environment, which can significantly reduce the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy and improve the therapeutic index. Also due to its low immunotoxicity, it is suitable for combination therapy with immunotherapy to treat various advanced solid tumors.