Affinity Completes the Dose Escalation Study in QHL-108 Phase 1 Trial
Date:2021/12/8 13:33:27
Source:Affinity Biopharma

On December 8 2021, QHL-108 Legubicin for injection, one of Affinity Biopharma's core products, has completed the Phase I dose escalation study. Thanks to Professor Li Jin, Professor Guo Ye and their teams in Shanghai East Hospital of Tongji University, as well as Start Shanghai Company, with their strong support that we could enroll 28 patients within 18 months.

The single-dose escalation trial of QHL-108 started from the dose of 20 mg/m2 to 360 mg/m2, in total 7 dose groups. Data showed that all patients in the 270mg/m2 dose group maintained stable disease and completed the 6 cycles of treatment.

In April 2020, the kick-off meeting of QHL-108 phase I dose escalation study

Professor Li Jin (Right), Professor Guo Ye (Left)