Affinity Successfully Holds the QHL-108 1b2a Expansion Trial Kick-off Meeting
Date:2021/11/1 13:31:52
Source:Affinity Biopharma

In November 2021, the kick-off meeting of QHL-108 phase 1b2a expansion trial (including indication and dose exploration) was successfully held in Shanghai East Hospital of Tongji University. Thanks to Professor Li Jin, Professor Guo Ye and their teams in Shanghai East Hospital of Tongji University, and Start Shanghai Company for their strong support.

The phase 1b2a expansion trial of QHL-108 would further carry out indication and dose exploration to evaluate the safety, efficacy and PK characteristics in the 270 mg/m2Q3W dose group and the 270 mg/m2Q2W dose group. The trial would also assess the application and efficacy of QHL-108 in different tumors such as soft tissue sarcoma, breast cancer, gastric cancer, ovarian cancer and so on.